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Inglés B1.1


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Modalidad Modalidad: Online

Duración Duración: 60 horas

Conocer idiomas es fundamental para el desarrollo personal y profesional, cada vez es más importante y necesario aprender otros idiomas.

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Modalidad Online
Horas 60


▫ To consolidate one´s knowledge about the present simple and present continuous.
▫ To expand lexis related to family relationships.
▫ To describe oneself and others both physically and their personality.
▫ To inform and comprehend information referring to leisure activities.
▫ To be aware of some cultural facts about Scotland.
▫ To learn how to use narrative sentences (Past Simple, past continuous and past perfect) correctly.
▫ To pronounce the final –ed of regular verbs in the past accurately.
▫ To comprehend orally and in writing a literary text.
▫ To learn new vocabulary related to books and literature.
▫ To become skilled at writing a book review.
▫ To expand one´s cultural knowledge about England.
▫ To practise the different future tenses accurately depending on their use.
▫ To learn vocabulary related to travelling.
▫ To study the appropriate form, use and accurate intonation of Question Tags.
▫ To get to know some sociocultural facts about Ireland.
▫ To increase vocabulary related to the weather.
▫ To become skilled at writing informal letters.
▫ To distinguish what type of greeting card to write for a specific occasion.
▫ To differentiate the use of the Present Perfect and Past simple and use them correctly.
▫ To make proper use of already, yet, still, just, since and for.
▫ To pronounce accurately the different irregular verbs forms.
▫ To expand one´s vocabulary related to food and drinks.
▫ To comprehend oral and written texts that deal with cuisine.
▫ To get to know some cultural facts about London.
▫ To write a recipe.


Unit 1. Let me introduce myself
1.a Need for a change
1.b Just what i am looking for!!!
1.c Welcome to edinburgh.
1.d Getting to know my host family.

Unit 2. Once upon a time
2.a A strange night
2.b The poets´ corner
2.c Once upon a time in england
2.d The storyteller

Unit 3. Enjoy your trip!
3.a What a difficult decision!
3.b Getting ready
3.c Destination: ireland
3.d *auld lang syne

Unit 4. I haven’t seen you for ages
4.a I´ve never tried it before!
4.b Yummy, yummy!
4.c The bill, please
4.d Enjoy your meal!

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